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Planning for your D.R.E.A.M.S

D.R.E.A.M.S Flow Chart


  • Introduction: Who, What, Why, How
  • Get to know each other
  • Interview and ask questions
  • Collect all relevant financial data such as:

    • list of assets and liabilities
    • tax returns
    • investment statements
    • insurance policies
    • wills, power of attorney
    • pension plan information
    • income and expenses

  • Complete questionnaires


  • Identify client's financial and personal goals which may include:

    • providing for retirement
    • strategies to minimize tax
    • children's education
    • supporting elderly parents
    • business succession planning
    • transferring assets to beneficiaries efficiently


  • Analyze all of the information provided and reassess financial issues and areas of concern, such as:

    • cash flow
    • tax issues
    • risk management
    • suitability of investment allocations
    • preparing for life's unexpected changes
    • income protection


  • Present financial plan
  • Provide written recommendations and possible solutions which may include the following:

    • retirement plan
    • capital needs analysis
    • establishing a budget
    • education plan
    • estate plan
    • asset allocation and investment strategies


  • Take action to implement the recommendations
  • Complete applications
  • Sign all documentation and disclosures
  • Deliver all regulatory documentation

Systematic Reviews:

  • Set-up review appointments according to client's needs
  • Review, revise and rebalance portfolio if necessary as a result of market changes, personal changes or changes in the mandates of the funds
  • Update on any significant changes in the clients' financial picture (e.g. marriage, divorce, new baby, new job, relocation, tax changes, retirement)
  • Revisit the financial plan to monitor the progress and make any required adjustments